Going to Market: Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered what in the world it means when business owners say they’re “Going to Market”? Yes. It’s so allusive! But I’m here to let you know what it is, what’s so cool about it and why- even though it’s shopping- it’s still hard work! There are probably several places to go to “market”.  For me, […]

What Happens When Your Picture Goes Viral

People love the idea of something going “viral”. Offers, stories, memes, quizzes- everybody wants to be “trending”. But there may be a reason only things like chicken pox have been “viral” before this age of the internet. In 2013, our kiddos (seen here) were going into K, 2nd and 3 year old Pre-School. We did […]

Monogram FAQ- applique vs. mini embroidery design

We’re here to inform, educate and today- tackle the tough questions. 😉 We’re going to teach you all about the difference between applique {fancy French word for applied fabric} and mini embroidery designs {non-fancy English}. Applique designs are made for our embroidery machine and set up so that there is a trace stitch, a pause […]

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