Back to School 2018- Highlights Edition

Do you remember the magazine Highlights? It really was one of my favorites and I always read it at the dentist office, at school and at home. One of the features was the before and after pictures where you could spot the difference in each picture. Silly? Yes. But it was the inspiration of our 2018 picture.

Here’s the inside scoop: The kids were going into 3rd, 5th and 7th grades and were actually headed to a private Christian school for the first year. I was a tad concerned that having a mom hoisting a glass of wine might not be the image they were going for, so I didn’t ask the kids to wear their uniforms. 😂 Because of scheduling, this picture had to be shot in the middle of the day so we were super hot and I have always hated the lighting. A photographer I am not, but I’m a girl who can appreciate good lighting. Enjoy the write up info that went along with this post below!

Spot the Difference- The 2018 Back to School Edition

Tell the deviations, if you might,

Of these two pictures, both with sadness and delight.

See the disheveled look in the mom:

Harried, worn down, she is a time bomb.

Wet towels, snack wrappers, shoes everywhere,

She’s started to lose it, you’d better beware.

The kids, you see, they love summer so,

They frolic to camps and play games of video.

They Fortnite so long ‘til the mom once said,

“That’s it! Dinner’s ready! You’d better be dead!”

(Tell Social Services, this was in the game,

She really did not want them to be maimed.)

Finally the school year comes ‘round like a charm!

With schedules, routines and once more an alarm!

Just for a second she was sad it was over,

Then she recalled the hostile takeover!

The house was hers, once again to be tidy.

(That is, at least, until every Friday…)

The sounds of “Maa-ahhhm” not screeched through the house,

Instead in the day, you can hear a church mouse!

No arguing, no forts, no KeKe to love,

Once more, the silence, sent straight from above.

May all your lunches be packed and your homework not cruel,

Here’s to the best year yet! Happy 2018 Back to School!

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