Back to School 2017- Floating Away

In 2017, the huge pool floats were all the rage. My friends June and Tory helped me come up with this idea on a walk and we laughed and laughed at the idea of it- not knowing how hard it would be to actually pull off!

Things you need to know: 1) this is not our lovely backyard. This is our neighbor’s pool and beautiful yard and they were out of town and agreed that we could take a picture there. I’m pretty sure they were wondering what in the world it could be. 😂 2) I had lemonade in my glass and was terrified to spill it in their pristine pool. 3) That pool float took a air compressor to inflate, caused major trouble and was huge- GIANT- pain in the rumpus. 4) I had to walk back through our neighborhood up a hill, soaking wet from the waist down and carrying this dumb dog float.

Something else about this picture that you might know is that it was copied 2 days later. Which is FINE- honestly. But the person who copied it was all over national media outlets and got a lot of attention- most of it negative. I was very happy to keep my fun little joke among family, friends and customers who knew my intention and knew I enjoyed a good laugh with our kids. The kids were going into 2nd, 4th and 6th grades and at this point were recognized for this picture every year, so they went along with my silliness and loved to add ideas. Here is the write up that went with the picture.

Hello school time, my old friend,

it’s time to meet with you again!

Because the kids they are griping.

House is a wreck from constant snacking.

And the vision of peace comes to my brain.

And still remains.

Here comes the sound of silence!

Summer’s gone and they are sad.

Who can blame them? It was rad.

They built forts and tubed on the lake.

They ate ice cream all day, for goodness sake.

And video games? They conquered quite a few.

But no one knew.

How mom looks forward to

The Sound of Silence!


Happy Back to School 2017!

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