Back to School 2015- Make it higher

In 2015, I decided that we needed to do this right. This picture needed to be bigger, better and actually planned out. The plan was for me to look disheveled and crazy (not hard), but also I didn’t want to look like this on the actual first day of school! 😂 So, we took this picture before the first day of school. The kids were going into Kindergarten, 2nd grade and 4th grade and by now were really in on the joke.

Here are some behind the scenes facts about this picture: Not much here was actually monogrammed. My robe was monogrammed in photo editing and Ellie’s lunchbox, backpack and nap mat were not monogrammed, yet. And I’d just taken her shirt off the machine and ironed it so she could wear it for this picture. 😂 Poor cobbler’s children. This was also the first year I decided to add a write up portion with the picture (one of my favorite traditions) and here it is for you!

Oh, Summer. You were so good to us: Lightning bugs in jars, golf cart rides on the beach, ice cream at bedtime. We will miss the freedom, the sun tans and the water balloons.

But this summer, we just survived. I’m talking about scraped by with a tiny sliver of sanity remaining.

Here are a few things we won’t miss: camp forms, sunscreen application, wet towels EVERYWHERE. Yelling “CLOSE THE DOOR” whether it be pantry, refrigerator or garage-doesn’t matter which; they’re always open. “Maaaa-aahhhm, we lost (another pair of) googles/ (the one matching) Croc/ (every single) pool toy.” The sounds of minecraft, the intro to Phineas and Ferb, the Whip and also the Nae Nae. Don’t even get me started on that Stanky Leg. Empty pantries, Band Aids GONE, piles of Legos/ Barbie’s wardrobe at every corner- everything has been in the path of this summer tornado.

Oh Summer. We squeezed every last good drop out of you. And just barely made it.

Happy Back to School 2015!

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