Monthly Archives: June 2015

What Happens When Your Picture Goes Viral

People love the idea of something going “viral”. Offers, stories, memes, quizzes- everybody wants to be “trending”. But there may be a reason only things like chicken pox have been “viral” before this age of the internet. In 2013, our kiddos (seen here) were going into K, 2nd and 3 year old Pre-School. We did […]

Monogram FAQ- applique vs. mini embroidery design

We’re here to inform, educate and today- tackle the tough questions. 😉 We’re going to teach you all about the difference between applique {fancy French word for applied fabric} and mini embroidery designs {non-fancy English}. Applique designs are made for our embroidery machine and set up so that there is a trace stitch, a pause […]