Back to School 2016- Monkeys jumping on the bed

We took our 2016 shoot indoors because of weather. This is the version of jumping on the bed was super fun for the kids. The parts of the picture that weren’t seen were the zit cream on my face, my goofy pajama pants and the many, many times to get Ellie jumping in the air. 😂 Enjoy the write up essay below!

Oh, sweet Summer, why does it have to end this way?

We have loved every minute of your freedom! Even with the endless missing goggles, enough sunscreen to fill a baby pool and the sofa in a constant state of fort building, WE FORGIVE YOU.

Why were you so short? It’s like you just got here! There were camp fires, late night ice cream trips, dance parties and breakfast at 10 the next day. How are we supposed to be at school before 8 when we couldn’t get to a summer camp before 9?!?

I just can’t stand the idea of you being gone! We *thought* about doing that school work- PROMISE- but it just sat in the corner with our end of the year papers and they became friends with the dust bunnies. We had too much sunshine in our pockets. Too much good song in our feet, I guess. 😉

I suppose it’s time to give it up. We played in the waves, sang camp songs and roasted marshmallows. You were good to us, Summer. Thank you for letting us squeeze every awesome bit of this season out of you!

Don’t make me go back to a schedule! I. Can’t. Force. Myself. To. Do. It! There’s only one way I am getting up- these kids are going to have to take me there! 🙂

Happy Back to School 2016, friends!

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