Three things I refused to embroider

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  1. And this could truly be a matter of national security. Something in my gut knew this request was weird and we told the customer they would need to send us permission from the White House. I wasn’t holding my breath for that email to come in and it never did. I’m so thankful for that and I’m very happy not being any sort of unwilling accessory to a crime! But I’ll take any other valid orders that you may have from celebrities, officials or business owners. 😉
  2. Once very early on in my business, I had someone message me to ask if I could put their logo on a pair of bloomers. She sent me her logo and said it was for her CULT and of course that gave me pause. At first I thought, “Well who am I to judge someone’s choices? At least this cult gives you the internet and choices in your monogramming!”, but something still felt pretty off about it. She mentioned a few messages later that other people in her Satanic Cult would also like their logo on items and I decided quickly to let her know I wasn’t the right person for that job…
  3. Lastly, a not so serious request. A customer told me she had a great idea for a gag gift. This would be for a party and would be a long standing inside joke with her co-workers. She wanted me to embroider “Just take your time. We’ll be waiting”… on TOILET PAPER. I thought about how this could possibly get done and how I could possibly stabilize that… Then I thought about the long list of things I could proclaim that I had worked on in business… and I just didn’t think I wanted TP to top that list! (Also, I didn’t think it would look great and it could possibly mess up my machine… but Toilet Paper Monogrammer does have a nice ring to it…)

What would you have done in those cases? I’d love to hear your takes below in the comments.

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