Wooden Monogram Tips & Tricks

Now that we have a store {Mint Julep Market in Huntsville, AL}, I get to chat with customers and answer their¬†questions LIVE and in person. I’m like Alex Trebek; I have all the answers. ūüėČ Really, I DO have the answer {or I make them up and/ or call people to get the answers}. But from most of the questions, I have a great idea about how to help you with one of our most questioned products- The Wooden Monogram!

wooden mono tips and tricks

Here are Our Top 7 Wooden Monogram Tips & Tricks:
1) Measure your Space

The first tip you need to know is to measure your space. I know, this takes digging out a tape measure from the garage or that one long measuring tape in an old sewing kit and risking life and limb on a ladder. It is worth it. We measure our wooden monograms by the height of the center initial. In a 3 letter monogram, the width with be about the same as the height, but it depends on your specific monogram.

People ask me often, “What size should I get for above my baby’s crib/ living room/ dorm room?”. The answer is, I’m not sure- it all depends on your space! Do you have 12 foot ceilings? Do you have other pictures you’re hanging in that space? The monogram pieces will look the exact same in any size- just larger proportionately the taller they are.

wooden mono- skerr

A beautiful 28 inch monogram in antique white hanging over a new big girl bed!

Picture from Siobhan in Pennsylvania! Thank you!

2) Except for the Front Door

Ok, fine. I will give you a pass on this one. If you want your wooden monogram on a front door, we kinda know the dimensions of those. We recommend anywhere from an 18 inch to a 24 inch on front doors. There are several factors you need to consider:

Proximity to the road? If your home is far away from the road and your front door is under a porch, you might want a larger monogram so it can be seen better.

Storm¬†door? If you have a storm¬†door, you might not be able to close the door with monogram AND wreath, so you can plan around that. {We have a home that’s far away from the road, door under a porch AND have a storm door. So, I have a 24 inch monogram without a wreath on our front door. Don’t think all those barriers were going to phase me, friends!}

Put on a wreath or not? If you are going to put your monogram on a wreath, most of those (ivy, grapevine, some other adorable decorative wreaths) come in 24 inch circle options. For that, go with the 18 inch monogram.

wooden mono double front door18 inch letters on 24 inch wreaths from Carrie in Texas!

It’s okay to have door envy… we all do!

3) The Correct Married Monogram Order

Y’all. This is one of the most popular questions and it’s an easy answer: Ladies First! The correct way to use a married monogram is to use the woman’s first name initial first, then the married last name in the center, and¬†the husband’s first name initial last. You might think we’re all kinds of progressive, but the reasoning is a little archaic… Emily Post says you are not supposed to separate a man’s first and last name. So, if I’m signing a guest book for me and my husband, the correct way to sign is “Hillary and Jason Dunham”. Because Lawd knows Emily wouldn’t want those men to be inconvenienced…¬†So the monogram etiquette follows that pattern of the written married name.

Here’s the good news: There are NO monogram police. And if it makes you happier to use your husband’s initial first or you think yours looks better in all 3 letters, then GO FOR IT! These are yours to enjoy and not get your panties in a wad over. I bet Emily Post is rolling over in her grave at my mention of wadded panties and etiquette in the same paragraph.

wooden mono sthorson


All this is mitigated if you marry someone with the same first initial as yours. Just like Stephanie did!

So you should always be choosy, girls, but this would make you EXTRA choosy!

4) Painting your Wooden Monogram

Our monograms come in unfinished natural wood- and they’re beautiful. We also offer options to paint in antique white and distressed black. ¬†But if you want a different color, then you might need to paint it!

The best option for the most even distribution of painting is spray paint. I would recommend a spray paint for wood and the person with the most steady hand you know. Be sure to get the sides and the back {trust me on that; a some point someone will look at the back}. I would also recommend spray painting on top of a biiiiiiiig¬†tarp in case it’s windy. Don’t ask me how I know that one…

wooden-mono-courtney    wooden mono- painted gold wooden mono painted


Thanks to Courtney, Stacey and Tricia for these beautiful pictures of their painted monograms!

5) How to Seal for Outside Exposure

Sometimes your wooden monogram might be exposed to the elements and there is one quick way to make sure it doesn’t bend or warp- seal it! If you want to keep it unfinished, go through the same process as spray painting but use a wood sealant. You don’t have to worry as much about green spray paint ending up on your fence or car as I did when I painted my first one… so three cheers for clear sealant! {Spray painting it will also seal the wood, so you don’t have to do both steps unless you want to be covered twice!}

wooden mono lisette


Love this 20 inch mono on an ivy wreath from Lisette in Florida!

6) Wedding Ideas

Brides are using their new married monograms all kinds of cute ways and I love when they send us pictures!

wooden mono- wedding


This one is from Melissa and she and her groom used this as their wedding guest book! Isn’t that the cutest idea! Then they were able to use it in their home as a piece of their wedding afterward!


Another beautiful option is from our cousin Maddie’s wedding {this is our daughter’s chubby little 3 year old hand}. They had 2 of these and use them in their home now, too! Great, practical ideas to make a part of your wedding and guests into your home!

{Maddie also rode in on a horse in her AMAZING ceremony and Sister stood up and yelled “YEEE-HAW” but that’s a different story… also what you get when you take a 3 year old to a wedding.}

This is one of our favorite images of the bride’s new married monogram! Just stunning!

wooden mono with wedding gown

8) Decorating

We offer lots of classes at our store on decorating your wooden monogram:wreath making class

There are a million different ways to put yours together, but the wreath option has been the easiest to use for an option you can change seasonally. To attach the wooden monogram to the grapevine wreath (available at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or your craft store for around $6), we use floral wire (available at the same place you will get the wreath). Just snip some of that off and twist that bad boy in the back. We usually connect it 3-4 places and then hold it up in the air to make sure it’s on there! We love adding some burlap or printed/ color ribbon, as well! I love the look of stacking 2 different width ribbons and combining those- AND this is great to change out seasonally. For instance, start with a neutral base and then add a different color/ attachment to change with the year. It’s also super cute to tuck in any accessories for special events: Baby shower? Add a cute rattle! Spring? Add a bright bird! Football party? Tuck in your team colors or a small mascot! And invite me because I love dip!

Now you’re ready for all the wooden monogram fun! Shoot me an email if there was a question I left out and I’ll be happy to help any time! hillary@mintjulepmonograms.com


Painter Extraordinaire/ Dip Lover


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