Monogram FAQ- applique vs. mini embroidery design

We’re here to inform, educate and today- tackle the tough questions. 😉
We’re going to teach you all about the difference between applique {fancy French word for applied fabric} and mini embroidery designs {non-fancy English}.

rainbow seersucker with app mini label

Applique designs are made for our embroidery machine and set up so that there is a trace stitch, a pause to lay down your fabric, then a tac down stitch, a pause to hand cut each piece of fabric, then a satin (wider) stitch to tack it down for the finishing touch.

So, if you’re keeping track, that’s 9 stops and 3 hand cut pieces just for that cute, simple cupcake above.

There are AMAZING websites that sell applique designs and we use a LOT of them- some of my favorites are Applique Cafe, Applique Market, Applique Corner, Planet Applique, Lynnie Pinnie, Applique Alley {you can see here I have a problem, right?} and I’m sure there are several favorites I’m accidentally leaving out!

A mini embroidery design is often made by these same sites to match the applique. Sometimes there is not space or the right fabric on an item for an applique {like this spa wrap with a llama {yep- that’s a fun story!}, or awesome nap mats below with a panda bear and flying lady bug- for twins} or sometimes you just want a name and design {like this super cute matching set with airplane}. There are times you just need a little picture to make it all go together like peas and carrots without the whole detailed applique design. This is where the cute mini embroidery design comes in! You use those as adorable little accents and BAM you’ve got just the look you’re going for! {You can click all these pictures below to make them larger.}

shower wrap with llama nap mat lilac seersucker aqua ss backpack and snack square


People have asked us approximately 864 times, “Where is the page with all your applique/ mini embroidery designs?” and the question is always, “We’re working on it!” and I promise we are! It’s just that as soon as we finish a page with all the designs we have, someone says, “But can you find a llama?” and almost 100% of the time, the answer is YES! {See llama above? Um, yes. We have a llama.} So our catalog is constantly growing, the designers who make these adorable designs are also constantly adding! So please browse through what you see we have done in the pictures from our website and Facebook page, but also, it’s always safe to ask!

And, Yes. I promise. We are still working on it…


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