Mint Seersucker- Choosing your favorite Thread Color

We get it; choosing your font, thread color and item for monogramming is tough. Hopefully you’ve already chosen a name (the real hard part), so we’ll skip that one. ;)This little round up of our favorite items by color will make it easy for you to pick what you’ll love!

Mint seersucker is a very popular color option (and clearly we love anything with Mint ;), but this one is extra cute and we’re sure you’ll agree.

(If you see a font shown that’s not in our regular options, you can always add it in your order notes! I’ll include a picture of all fonts mentioned that are not in our standard options at at the end of the post. All products are linked to each item from clicking the picture and in the caption area under each picture.)

Hot pink has been the most popular thread color choice to go with the mint seersucker. You’ll see why it’s a classic, yet still fun look here:

Mint Seersucker Duffel Bag, Hot Pink thread, Delightful font
Mint Seersucker Large Backpack, Hot Pink thread, Pearson font + Cherries mini embroidery design
Mint Seersucker Nap Mat, Hot Pink thread,
Delightful font

A close second in thread color choices for the mint seersucker is any other version of pink!

Mint Seersucker Small Backpack and Gum Drop Lunch Box, Neon pink thread, Pearson font
Mint Seersucker Small Backpack, Light Pink thread, Pearson font
Mint Seersucker Large Backpack, medium pink thread, Master Circle font

If Shrimp/ Coral counts as a sort of pink (and it does in my book), then I’d put that up there with most popular options, too!

Mint Seersucker Button Bag, Coral thread (with matching mint ribbon detail, Ribbon monogram font
Mint Seersucker Duffel Bag, Shrimp thread, Juniper font + Hedgehog mini embroidery design (isn’t she cute?!)

The truth is that there are so many cute color options that I’d be selling it short to just list these few! Here are a few more favorites:

(L-R, top to bottom) 1) Mint Seersucker Large Backpack, Navy thread, Buttercup font (atl 1) 2) Mint Seersucker Large Backpack, Shrimp Thread, Curtsy Font, 3) Mint Seersucker small backpack, medium pink thread, delightful font 4) Mint Seersucker Small Backpack, Lilac thread, Pearson font
Mint Seersucker Small Backpack, lilac thread, master circle font
Mint Seersucker Nap Mat, Watermelon thread, Ballerina font, Watermelon mini embroidery design

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Here are the fonts mentioned above that might not be shown in our regular listings. Feel free to request them for your item!

Ribbon Monogram Font (also shown here to give you an idea of the different colors you can use that could be similar:
This Buttercup font has several different alternatives and they range from simple to super fancy. This Alt 1 is medium on the Fancy Scale. 😉

Here’s a fun gallery of Mint seersucker items that we’ll update as we go along. Thanks for all your amazing orders!

All prices include personalization! We think it's easier that way. ;)