Tiny Hearts Seersucker- Choosing your favorite thread color

We get it; choosing your font, thread color and item for monogramming is tough. Hopefully you’ve already chosen a name (the real hard part), so we’ll skip that one. ;)This little round up of our favorite items by color will make it easy for you to pick what you’ll love!

Tiny hearts seersucker is a brand new addition for 2021 and we’re over the moon in LOVE with it! Here are our favorite color combos, so far.

(If you see a font shown that’s not in our regular options, you can always add it in your order notes! I’ll include a picture of all fonts mentioned that are not in our standard options at at the end of the post. All products are linked to each item in the caption area under each picture.)

Since the pattern comes with lilac straps, that seems like an obvious and adorable thread color to tie it all together.

Small Duffel bag, #622 lilac thread, Juniper font
Small backpack, Natural circle font with scallop circle frame, #622 lilac thread
Duffel Bag, #622 lilac thread, Scalloped Fishtail Font
Small backpack, #622 lilac thread, Whimsy font

The good news is that with 8 different heart colors in the bag, there are SO many cute colors to choose from to match your favorites!

Large backpack, #40 hot pink thread, scalloped fishtail font
Button bags, #103 pink on the left and #37 teal on the right, Pearson font
Small duffel bag, #37 teal thread, Pearson font
Large backpack, Cupid font, #105 pink thread
Small backpack, #291 seafoam thread, scalloped fishtail font
Button bag, #522 yellow, scalloped fishtail font

With so many cute colors in this pattern, a bold font shows up so well! We have loved using these special fonts that really stand out with 2 colors!

Duffel bag, JK Scallop font, #103 pink interior #40 hot pink exterior
Large backpack, Harper shadow font, #624 lilac and #622 lilac on top
Gum drop lunch box, Natural circle shadow font, #624 lilac and #622 lilac on top
Button bag, Harper shadow font, #190 red and #103 pink on top

Have a question? Please feel free to email us any time at mintjulepmonograms@gmail.com and we’ll be glad to help you find just the right item you need!

Here are the fonts mentioned above that might not be shown in our regular listings. Feel free to request them for your item!

Whimsy font… or WhimsEy if you’re fancy (or fancEy). I love how the I can be dotted with a heart star or regular dot.
Cupid font- look how cute all those hearts are!
Fishtail Scallop- I love how the letters are thick and readable, but still girly. A perfect combo for this pattern.
Natural Circle Shadow font- super thick, shows up well and a classic!
Harper shadow font- everyone’s new favorite!
All prices include personalization! We think it's easier that way. ;)