How to Write a Thank You Note

Have you ever noticed that the notes that you keep are the ones that are handwritten? Just me? I bet you have a few from a grandmother or family member that are special to you (as I do!) and will cherish them. There is something about a handwritten note that means something a little more special and shows that the writer put in the time to show their love.

My stationery and a note from a customer who I don’t know!
That really meant the world to me!

The thing that’s special about receiving handwritten correspondence in the mail is that it’s not a bill or an advertisement or a coupon for 20% off Bed, Bath and Beyond. It’s evidence another human took time from their day to gather stationery, pen and their thoughts to lavish words of appreciation on you.

In case you need a refresher, here’s an easy guide to writing a meaningful thank you note.

Begin with a greeting. Usually “Dear” is a great start, and include the person’s name – Dear Julia or Dear Smiths or Dear Mrs. Tate. And if you are confused where to put the comma, it goes after the name.

Next, on the line below your greeting, state your appreciation. Thank you for the flowers. I appreciate the monogrammed quilt for our little one coming soon! Or – we were so thankful for the soup you made and shared with our family last week.

Then, a sentence or two detailing why you are appreciative helps to show your genuineness. I can’t wait to wrap Ellie in your blanket and hold her in my arms. We painted the nursery walls a light pink so the turquoise monogram looks beautiful draped on her crib. Or – the soup was just what we needed after several days of fevers and coughing. I think my aunt is right about chicken noddle soup healing the body. Yours sure helped us!

Conclude by restating your appreciation. A sentence like, “Thank you, again, for….(the flowers, the sweet baby gift, the delicious soup, etc.)” works well at the end.

And don’t forget to close your letter with Sincerely, Best regards, Your friend, My Best or Respectfully yours. The comma goes after the closing phrase. Then, drop down to the line under the closing and sign your beautiful name.

See my example below and know I wrote it from the heart. 🙂

Here’s to rekindling an old tradition, friend.

Dear Reader,

Thank you for opening this email and for purchasing from me. A buyer like you means the world to a small business like mine. With each purchase, I am reminded that another person entrusted my team and me to play a small part in her life. And that’s an honor! Thank you, again, for being a big deal to this small business.


Hillary Dunham

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