Font Highlight: Pearson Font

Baby blue seersucker duffel bag, Pearson font, lipstick red thread

Here’s a fun font highlight on the Pearson font! This one is absolutely adorable for boys and girls and it has a few special qualities.

Tiny Hearts seersucker button bags, Pearson font, Matching pink and PK37 teal thread

First, all the letters are the same height. This is great if you like your embroidery to look larger (cue the song: 🎼we like big monograms and we cannot lie😆).

Grey Chambray Gumdrop Lunch Box, Pearson font, neon pink thread

Next, it has an easy to read format for all the letters.

Navy seersucker nap mat, Pearson font, navy thread, shark mini embroidery design

Finally, I like to call this font “unicase” (I’m not sure if that’s an actual word or term, but just go with me here). There is only one option for each letter, not a separate upper and lower case letter. So, if the name starts with an A, it would be a lower case A; there isn’t an option to change that.

Mint Seersucker Large Backpack, Pearson font, hot pink thread, cherries mini embroidery design

Here is the chart with all the letters, so you can see how your name would look! 🙂

Here are a few other favorites with the Pearson font!

Blue Gingham trim infant hooded towel, Pearson font, matching trim thread color
Canvas cosmetic bags in grey, maroon and Kelly green, Pearson font, matching trim thread
Princess Seersucker Small Backpack, Pearson font, matching lilac thread, unicorn mini embroidery design
Grey Seersucker nap mat, Pearson font, lipstick red thread
Grey Seersucker Large Backpack and Gumdrop Lunch Box, Pearson font, navy thread, sailboat mini embroidery designs
Grey Chambray nap mat, Pearson font, white thread, firetruck mini embroidery design
Lilac seersucker nap mat, Pearson font, hot pink thread

On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you with picking fonts? Let me know in the comments below and let me know if posts like this are helpful! ❤️

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