Back to School 2013- How the tradition began

On our way to school one August morning in 2013, I decided to take a funny picture with the kids. I had seen someone else do this- I certainly didn’t make it up myself- and thought I might still have a decent vertical jump. 😉 The kids were going into 3 year old pre-school, Kindergarten and 2nd grade. I asked the boys to pretend to make sad faces (they thought that was really funny) and Ellie, our non-morning person daughter, was actually mad at the situation. We took this shot in 2 takes and then went on our way out the door to school. I posted this picture on my business Facebook page on the way and just chuckled to myself.

While at our school(s), I laughed, cried, took real pictures with each of our children, teachers, desks, etc. We got in the car an hour later and I saw that my phone had gone crazy! The picture had 800 likes in the first hour or so and went wildly viral after that.

That was the day I learned why “viral” has a negative connotation. In the morning, all was fine. People who knew me and knew my intention thought it was funny. The afternoon was when the trolls came out. A lot of people commented how they “actually liked their children”, how they “were sad when their children went to school” and how sad it was that “I made fun of my children”. All in all, it was still a good experience. I think most people understood that it was a joke (come on, people!) and that it was just in good fun.

Although I didn’t know there was such a thing, this picture was awarded the al (dot) com (our state newspaper website) picture of the year. 🏆

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