5 Reasons Why Rain Jackets Are a Necessity (And Great Gifts!)

There are certain things in our closets that we will NOT part with. For example, there’s this denim shirt that I plan to be buried in. Throw some pearls on my neck and red on my lips, and I should be good to go. (Pun intended.)

We feel the same about rain jackets…not the burial part necessarily but the overall importance of them. 😉 When we see what once was a beautiful lady who looks like a drowned rat, we know it doesn’t have to be that way!

Rain jackets are a necessity, ladies! Read below for why every lady should have a lovely rain jacket…one that she just won’t part with.

Reason 1: Keeps the Hair Dry

If you are reading this, chances are you are a busy gal. (That seems to be the audience we attract, and we love it! We get you because we’re busy, too.) So, if you have actually taken the time to fix your hair, then it must be protected…at all costs.

And don’t come at us with the whole umbrella thing. They’re wonderful; we own a few ourselves. But, on rainy AND windy days, they turn up, catching water like a cup while millions of raindrops quickly demolish your carefully crafted do.

We’ve got one word for you – hood. Our rain jackets come with a hood to protect the do!

This adorable pic is from Wendy in Tennessee who uses her rain jacket to get back and forth to her college classes she teaches. See how super smart she is?!

Reason 2: Preserves the Wardrobe

So you actually fixed your hair…then, the chances are high that you put on real clothes. We’re flexible on the definition of real clothes; we realize it is a subjective phrase. (Active wear counts a lot of days.) You get our drift, though; you put in some effort.

That effort, my dear, should be rewarded on rainy days. A rain jacket is the best way to protect all of that hard work.

And, if you think for a moment about an umbrella, see Reason 1 again! We explained the umbrella cup there. (If you wanted an invention to catch water, you would just use, well, a cup or mug, not one with a long handle masquerading as an umbrella.)

Reason 3: Saves The Day

You know how Murphy’s Law goes: if you plan on it NOT raining, then there’s a chance it will rain on your vacation! It’s better to be prepared and dry than regretting not packing that one more thing!

Our rain jackets have been everywhere from the Grand Canyon to German Castles to universities around the world!


Reason 4: Distracts People from Your Wardrobe

Realistically speaking, we realize that we often don’t look our best on rainy days. You get out of bed, hear the rain pounding on the roof and your motivation to get dressed and ready drops by 99.6%.

If that sounds at all like you, you definitely need our rain jacket. Instead of being an accessory to your outfit, it actually becomes the outfit.

And…your monogram on our rain jacket takes this “outfit” to a whole new level. You go from it-was-raining-this-morning-so-I-don’t-care girl to the classiest lady in the office or mom on the field trip!

Reason 5: Allows You to See and Not Be Seen

Sometimes we just need to get in and out of a store in under 7.5 minutes. This rain jacket can help.

Sometimes we just need to make sure our daughter is where she says she is. This rain jacket can help.

Sometimes we just need to not be in the picture. This rain jacket can help.

When the paparazzi your friends and family are after you, you can throw a pair of sunglasses on and pull up the hood on this rain jacket. You will get things done.

Seriously, Though… Our rain jackets are a great product.

They are functional and beautiful and easily monogrammed. Aren’t those the 3 qualifications for any wardrobe piece you just can’t live without?

Because they are essential to any woman’s closet, they make a great gift for the friend who doesn’t have one…the friend still using the ole umbrella cup or who needs to get away from the paparazzi!

The deadline for placing monogram orders is December 1, 2017. This gives us time to ensure your rain jacket will be delivered so you can wrap for a friend or for yourself!  


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