Navy Seersucker- Choosing a Thread Color 101

We get it; choosing your font, thread color and item for monogramming is tough. Hopefully you’ve already chosen a name (the real hard part), so we’ll skip that one. 😉 This little round up of our favorite items by color will make it easy for you to pick what you’ll love!

Navy Seersucker Large Backpack, Lipstick red thread, Bulgary font

Red is always a solid choice to go with navy. We have a couple of different red threads that we love: lipstick red and classic red. Shown here on the large backpack is lipstick red in the Bulgary Font. (This font is a newer one and not in our regular options, but you can always add it in your order notes! I’ll include a picture of all fonts mentioned that are not in our standard options at at the end of the post.)

We offer an applique backpack that is always a popular one for the firetruck fans!

Large Backpack, Navy Seersucker with Firetruck Applique,
Lipstick Red thread, Charlie font
Children’s Art Smock in Navy Seersucker with Red trim, red thread to match, delightful font

There are a couple of items that have the red trim with the navy seersucker (versus the navy trim): the children’s art smock/ apron (above) and one of the navy seersucker nap mats (below).

Nap Mat, Navy Seersucker with Red Trim, Classic Font

Most have the navy trim with the navy seersucker, though, and here are a few other color options for you to consider!

Navy Seersucker Gum Drop Lunch Box, Orange Thread, Pearson Font
Navy Seersucker Duffel Bag, Navy Thread in Cason font and Hot Pink Thread in Juniper Font
Navy Seersucker Small Backpack and Snack Square, Layered monogram with Kelly green and navy thread in Noah Font (aka Boys are Gross Font, but I like my boys, even if they’re gross, so I changed the name). Mini embroidery tractor design also shown here.
Here’s that cute little tractor again with the Small Seersucker Duffel Bag! Navy seersucker, Kelly green thread and Cason font.

If you’d like to know a behind the scenes secret, we use navy thread on navy seersucker about 70% of the time.

Navy Seersucker Nap Mat, Navy Thread, Charlie Font
Navy Seersucker Small Duffel Bag, Navy Thread, Henry Font, Rocket Mini Embroidery Design
Navy Seersucker Large Backpack, Navy Thread, Pearson Font

Have a question? Please feel free to email us any time at and we’ll be glad to help you find just the right item you need!

Here are the fonts mentioned above that might not be shown in our regular listings. Feel free to request them for your item!

Noah Font
Henry Font

All prices include personalization! We think it's easier that way. ;)