Graduation Gift Guide for Boys

sturdy dopp kit great gift for guys

Every spring I get asked (often) what someone should buy a guy for graduation. And I love that question! Thoughtful gift givers are my favorite. Plus, we ladies get a lot of gift guides dedicated to us. The guys deserve some love too! (Looking for gifts for girls? We have a great guide for those here!)

Waxed Canvas Dopp Kit

I know this happens. Your son or nephew or sweet boy next door packs his deodorant and toothbrush in a grocery or sandwich bag. (I’ve seen it happen at my own house.) But, we can remedy this problem and recycle more grocery bags along the way. 🙂 This sturdy dopp kit lets your guy travel in style!

sturdy dopp kit
Waxed Canvas Dopp Kit – It’s lined with a heavyweight fabric to make it sturdy and includes a strong zipper to keep all of his toiletries in one place. It sure beats a plastic bag! 🙂

Note Cards for the Masculine Thank You

There is a slight possibility his mom is going to “strongly suggest” (*cough cough* force) him to write thank you notes for the grad gifts. Heck, it’s good practice to write a quick note of appreciation after a job interview. So, he might as well have the right note cards to do it! (And if he needs a little advice on wording a thank you note, this post will help.)

card with your name embossed on top in all caps
The Banner Card is a flat card embossed with lettering.
flat correspondence cards with two lines of text
The Executive Card is a raised ink flat card. I love that it allows for another line of personalization (besides the name).

The South Hampton Initial Card, with its stately initial in the top right corner (yes, say “stately” in your most regal voice,) and the Highland Raised Ink Card are two more of our favorites for the guys.

Garment Bag

As a mom, I’m always rooting for my boys to look, well, presentable. (Are a clean shirt and combed hair too much to ask?!) A garment bag is one step in that direction to “presentable.” 🙂 And, of course, I’d love to add a monogram for your guy. But either way, a garment bag is a great gift.

garment bag in chambray
We have garment bags in navy chambray (above), black nylon, gray chambray, and woodland camo.

Desk Slab (aka – Notepad for His Desk)

A lot of stationery sites (like ours) uses the term “slab” instead of notepad to describe a small, square-ish stack of paper for jotting notes. I like it, especially if we’re talking guy gifts. Slab makes you think “marble slab” (building something strong and heavy with big manly muscles) or “slab of meat” (Fire up the grill. Ribs are on the menu!). These desk slabs are perfect for that to do list (no steak sauce needed on this one).

desk notepad with monogram
This Brookland Desk Slab (above) looks great with initials or a name. It can be plain-sheet or come with lines. Also check out the Billboard Desk Slab and the Crest Super Slab.

Travel Bags

We know that graduation means a change, perhaps a change in schools or jobs or residence. Any way you look at it, your guy is on to his next adventure in his journey of life. The Weekender and the Expedition Bag are two of my favorites for getting a guy to and from…all with style.

waxed canvas weekender bag
The Waxed Canvas Weekender Bag is sturdy. A monogram also looks great on it.
expedition bag
The Waxed Canvas Expedition Bag is perfect for a getaway, but still plenty of space for essentials.

Leather Valet Tray

leather valet tray
Leather Valet Trays available in 3 colors!

These leather valet trays are great for storing any items that usually end up on your desk or dresser. Keys? Wallet? Change? We all know that gets piled up and lost, so here’s a great place to keep them!

Laundry Bag

Gray Chambray laundry bag, navy thread, Reynolds font with dots

We all know and remember the stories of laundry from college. Good news: some things don’t change! This giant bag will help them haul all those t-shirts home for loving care. And possibly a deodorizing cleaner. 😉

Laptop Case

Black laptop sleeve, gold thread, Roman font

For the interview for the internship, the sleek way to keep your computer safe or a good looking portfolio, these laptop sleeves are the way to go!

Graduation is such an exciting time! And we truly love helping you celebrate this momentous occasion with your guy. It’s an honor. We’ll keep adding to this gift guide as new items arrive or as sweet readers like you offer suggestions. Feel free to email us at with questions or gift recommendations.

Hillary Dunham

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