Strasbourg Guest Towel – Embossed


We’re over the moon about these embossed guest towels. These 3-ply, large napkins come in a quantity of 100 with a choice of 14 paper colors. (Did anyone say classy?! Well, she should have! These guest towels are beautiful and versatile.)

Our exclusive stationery and engraving website allows you to preview your initial before purchasing. Click here to order these napkins that you and your guests will LOVE! You’ll be directed to our stationery website to complete your purchase. This checkout will be a separate transaction.

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*Available online only! Please click the link above (not “Add to Cart” below) to personalize your order.

We also offer other party accessories like the Palacio Beer Mug and the Altamira Monogram Shot Glass.

All prices include personalization! We think it's easier that way. ;)