Pink Seersucker- Choosing a Thread Color 101

We get it; choosing your font, thread color and item for monogramming is tough. Hopefully you’ve already chosen a name (the real hard part), so we’ll skip that one. 😉 This little round up of our favorite items by color will make it easy for you to pick what you’ll love!

Pink seersucker is a classic and timeless look for little girls and always a favorite! Here are some options for thread colors that will create just the look you’d like!

(If you see a font shown that’s not in our regular options, you can always add it in your order notes! I’ll include a picture of all fonts mentioned that are not in our standard options at at the end of the post.)

Pink Seersucker Small Duffel Bag, Hot pink thread,
Ballerina font, Whale mini embroidery design
Pink Seersucker Gum Drop Lunch Box, Hot pink thread, Be still and know font, Flamingo mini embroidery design
Pink Seersucker Small Backpack, Hot pink thread, Scallop fishtail font

Believe it or not, pink with pink is one of our most popular options! Whether it’s hot pink (shown above) or the matching pink (shown below), you can’t go wrong with pretty pink!

Pink Seersucker Small Backpack, Matching pink thread,
Delightful font
Pink seersucker Gum drop lunch box, Matching pink thread,
Vine font

Here are a few other color choices that you should also consider:

Pink Seersucker Large Backpack, Baby blue thread,
Master circle font
Pink Seersucker Small duffel bag, Baby blue thread,
Juniper font
Pink Seersucker Nap Mat, Sea mist thread, Curlz font
Pink Seersucker Small Backpack with whale applique (also available in the large backpack), Navy thread, Delightful font
Pink seersucker large backpack, Lavender thread, Delightful font and bouquet mini embroidery design
Pink Seersucker Large Backpack, Royal purple thread, Curtsy font
Pink Seersucker Snack Square, Light moss thread, Anna font

Another favorite for your dancer or dancer-to-be is our Ballet Shoes Applique Duffel Bag!

Pink Seersucker Duffel bag with Ballet Shoes Applique, Hot pink thread, Bulgary font

Have a question? Please feel free to email us any time at and we’ll be glad to help you find just the right item you need!

Here are the fonts mentioned above that might not be shown in our regular listings. Feel free to request them for your item!

Ballerina Font
All prices include personalization! We think it's easier that way. ;)