Baby Blue Seersucker- Choosing a Thread Color 101

We get it; choosing your font, thread color and item for monogramming is tough. Hopefully you’ve already chosen a name (the real hard part), so we’ll skip that one. 😉 This little round up of our favorite items by color will make it easy for you to pick what you’ll love!

Baby blue seersucker is a relatively new color for our line and it has become a fast favorite! You’ll see why very shortly!

(If you see a font shown that’s not in our regular options, you can always add it in your order notes! I’ll include a picture of all fonts mentioned that are not in our standard options at at the end of the post. All products are linked to each item in the caption area under each picture.)

Navy blue has been the top color thread to go with the baby blue. A fantastic boy gift and timeless look, you can see why it’s so popular!

Baby Blue Seersucker Nap Mat, Navy thread, Library font
Baby Blue Seersucker Duffel Bag, Navy thread, Charlie font
Baby Blue Seersucker Large Backpack, Navy thread,
Library font
(Also, snow on the ground! What’s up with that, Alabama?!)

A close second in thread color choices for the baby blue seersucker is the matching baby blue thread!

Baby Blue Seersucker Small Backpack, Matching blue thread, Natural circle font
Baby Blue Seersucker Small Duffel Bag, Matching blue thread, Pearson font
Baby Blue Seersucker Child’s Apron/ Smock, Matching blue thread, Caneletter font
Baby Blue Seersucker Custom Applique Large Backpack, Stacked monogram fishtail font applique, Baby blue dot fabric (with white thread outline, but I think think this counts as a matching monogram!)

There are so many other color options that look amazing on this baby blue seersucker, though! Several that are adorable for girls, too!

Baby Blue Seersucker Small Backpack, Medium pink thread, Pearson font
Baby Blue Seersucker Jewelry Round (I promise this is coming to the website soon!), Orange thread, Master circle font
Baby Blue Seersucker Gum Drop Lunch Box, Lipstick red thread, Library font
Baby Blue Seersucker Snack Square, Teal thread, Pearson font
Baby Blue Seersucker Snack square, Nap mat and Small Applique backpack with brown thread and mini embroidery dog designs, Cason font
Baby Blue Seersucker Gum drop lunch box, Lipstick red thread, Henry font, Large sketch embroidery dog design

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Here are the fonts mentioned above that might not be shown in our regular listings. Feel free to request them for your item!

Fishtail Font
(Also available in applique as shown above)

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