3D Wood and Clay Models- add on gift!

In the year that has been 2020, we are striving to make Christmas an easier shopping endeavor for you! I scoured the internet and did major market research (asked my own children) what would be the coolest toys to add to in with monogrammed gifts and we found them!

These model/ puzzles are always loved by our kids and they are an excellent activity for crafting and puzzle building in one! First you put together the creature with a 3D puzzle, then all the clay is included to bring the character to life! We have a dinosaur set and a unicorn set just for you!

The step by step process looks so fun!
Love that all the different clay colors come with the set
I’m very American and don’t think in millimeters and I’m sorry, but I did some math and this is 10.6″ long x 2.36″ wide and 3.75″ tall. You’re welcome, my fellow Americans.
I really love this unicorn set!
Comes with the puzzle pieces to make the body and then all the clay to fill it in!
How pretty is she?!

Be sure to check these listings to add on your 3D Wood and Clay Model Kits: (There is a limited availability to these add on products and they’re only available for Christmas season 2020.)

Duffel Bag

Youth Rain Jacket

Children’s Smock

Gum Drop Lunch Box

Large Seersucker Backpack

Nap Mat

Perfect Pouch

Small Backpack Sketch Series- Boy Puppy

Small Backpack Sketch Series- Baseball

Small Backpack Sketch Series- Castle

Small Backpack Sketch Series- Rocket

Small Backpack Sketch Series- Firetruck

Small Backpack Sketch Series- Girl Puppy

Small Backpack Sketch Series- Unicorn

Small Seersucker Backpack

Youth and Toddler Hat

We hope you love all the other add on toy options, too!:

Intro to Baking and Cookies for Santa Baking Sets

Soap Sox Bath Time Kit

WOWmazing Bubble Set

Imagination Overdrive Activity Kit

Any questions? Shoot us an email any time at mintjulepmonograms@gmail.com

All prices include personalization! We think it's easier that way. ;)